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One of the qualities of the GERMAN PVC ALUPLAST® gate and unlike the aluminum gate is that the pieces are joined by a welding process which provides a firmness and safety point to the piece, as well as other points important as they are:

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The IDEAL 2000 system of ALUPLAST® offers a type of opening suitable for your needs, in new or remodeling projects, industries or shops. The different types of openings that we can handle are the following:

Colors and Finishes Catalog

We have a wide range of colors to meet the needs or demands of our customers, in the case of wood tones have texture. ALUPLAST® PVC profiles with foliated color finishes are:


The design of the GERMAN profile of PVC ALUPLAST® can accept glazing up to 24mm thick, thus achieving energy savings and thermo-acoustics that you need, we can also offer different shades of glass such as:


It can also accept safety glazing (shatterproof or laminated glass) and thus have that peace of mind that you need. In WINDOWPLAST we are specialists to indicate which is the glazing that you need. We also have panels for the manufacture of blind pieces, which will not allow the entry of light and we will continue to preserve the characteristics of the GERMAN PVC doorway such as thermo-acoustic, energy saving and safety.


Unlike the hardware of the aluminum gate that only has some safety and restraint points, the hardware used in the GERMAN PVC gate is installed perimetrically in the piece, obtaining several points of attachment and security of the window or door depending the case. In WINDOWPLAST we care about the quality of our products that is why the PVC hardware we use is imported and has the benefit of being stainless which is ideal for beach projects. We use stainless steel screws for fixing reinforcement and hardware, as well as the installation of the gate.

Care and Mainteinance

In WINDOWPLAST we recommend doing a minor maintenance every year, depending on the use. It consists of cleaning the fittings, oiling hinges and fittings, checking the drains of the PVC parts and replacing a piece that has considerable wear to ensure its perfect function.